Checkstyle Results

The following document contains the results of Checkstyle .


Files Errors
5 12


Files Errors
org/throwableutil/ 7
org/throwableutil/ 4
org/throwableutil/package.html 1


Error Line
Line does not match expected header line of 'Common Public License Version 1.0'. 1
Missing a Javadoc comment. 26
Missing a Javadoc comment. 27
Missing a Javadoc comment. 28
Method 'create' is not designed for extension - needs to be abstract, final or empty. 50
Parameter out should be final. 50
Parameter args should be final. 65


Error Line
Missing a header - not enough lines in file. 1
Line has trailing spaces. 6
Utility classes should not have a public or default constructor. 13
Parameter throwable should be final. 22


Error Line
Missing package documentation file. 0